These items will be permitted in the supporters sections as long as they meet the following guidelines;

  • Are event related or in good taste
  • Cannot be commercial, political, or offensive in nature
  • No larger than 5’ x 5’ in size
  • Flagpoles are made out of flexible PVC and no larger than 6’ in size

Items larger than the sizes listed above will need to be pre-approved by Toronto FC/BMO Field and cannot be used during the run play.  Constant violation of this rule can lead to removal of flag or ejection from the stadium.

Flags smaller than 5’ x 5’ and attached to a pole under 10’ are permitted to be up and/or waving during the run of play. However, the flag must be approved by TFC Front Office beforehand.

All Banners/Signs/Flags are subject to removal at the discretion of Toronto FC/BMO Field

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